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Mirthwood fuses the best parts of our favorite games into one unforgettable experience. Your custom character will enjoy spirited town life, rich and changing relationships, and invest in deep home and farm management. Then... venture out your medieval front door and embark upon dark, quirky, and indelible fantasy adventures; role playing your character your way. From changing seasons, to wandering bards, to vibrant animal life; our ecosystem is alive, driving emergent story generation beneath the backdrop of a medieval-fantasy open world. Mirthwood is in development for Nintendo Switch and PC. Help us support the game by spreading the word!

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Brightoak is a burgeoning town in Mirthwood, a meld of folk from disparate backgrounds. Step into the dimly lit tavern and listen to the Bard's (questionable) song, or swing by the blacksmith to upgrade your shoddy gear. The orchard keepers always need an extra hand in the shade of the groves. But Brightoak isn't the only village. Beautiful Greyshore lies on the coast, far away to the east. They say Ashmire is an odd sort of a place, down south of the Bog...


Meet and befriend (or insult) the different townsfolk with a new Sims style inter-action system. Relationships can ebb and flow, and impact gameplay - for better, or worse, or even worse. If happiness is your fancy, marry your sweet and bear a child!

Stranger Things

Quests in Mirthwood are inspired by the stories found in games like Fable and The Witcher. One ink stained notice might tell of a missing person, yes, someone you once knew. Hmm, there have been rumors of strange occurrences at every full moon..

The Ecosytem

The innkeeper buys his bread directly from the baker, who bakes it using the wheat grown by the farmer, who prays to the rain gods that there is no drought this summer. Our living ecosystem makes all kinds of unscripted, organic stories possible!

Road to Brightoak from the Mirthwood Original Soundtrack


Mirthwood features an open world comprised of six main regions. Unlike many games of this genre, we were inspired by the larger worlds of Elder Scrolls and Fable. Here, you'll have countless locations to discover, secrets to uncover, and collectibles to, well, collect. From the Glasstip Foothills, to Bleakwood, to the Lonely Plains; you never know what paths you might stumble across on your travels, or your return journey home.

Diverse Country

The lush and ethereal forest of Mirthwood lies centerfold on the map. Dress warmly on your travels North to the beautiful Glasstip Mountains, or you might freeze (literally)! Crossing into Grimrock is for the hardened traveler. But, that's you, right?

The Three Towns

While Brightoak is the continent's largest town (a bit big for its britches, you might say), two other towns are important to Mirthwood's ecosystem. Greyshore is a beautiful, hard-working coastal town, while Ashmire is place of great superstition...

Designed For You

An open world is only worth its weight in experiences. Mirthwood's emergent story generation keeps the pieces moving; more than the quests, locales, characters, and collectibles, our living world will give you new situations to navigate and shape.

View of the Glasstip Mountainsfrom the Mirthwood Original Soundtrack


Whether your character's heart desires to cultivate a fertile farm, a tranquil orchard, tend to cows and chickens, or run a humming ale business - the resources are yours to manage. Repair and upgrade your home, customize your furniture, and even the exterior look to please your palette! There are few limits on how you can shape your beloved property. It is yours, after all.

Make Your Home

You will first arrive at what most would liken as more of a shack than a home. Don't be downtrodden! Upgrade your home as much (or as little) as you like. You can change the exterior look of your home (!) and the furniture and belongings inside.

Tend The Land

Your land will likewise need your attention, and probably your axe. Sprawling and overgrown, don't let mere weeds distract from the lushness of the soil and potential therein. The tools at your disposal can bring your gardens and orchards to life.

Animals, Ales, & More

It is said that cows and chickens make better friends than humans. And so, by all means, build barns and coops to your precious heart's desire. Milk and eggs fetch a fair price at the market. There are many more artisan goods for you to make!

Hearth & Home from the Mirthwood Original Soundtrack


The southern regions of the map harbor mysteries of extraordinary impact. Exit Brightoak's southern gate and you'll enter the fog-veiled Crossways Bog, a disquieting fen, rumored to be home to restless, lost souls. Out of the mists, still further South, lies the seldom visted forest of Bleakwood. What secrets wait under its moss covered branches?

Dark Beauty

Bleakwood. The dark yet strangely alluring mirror of Mirthwood. Not many still wander here. Those who do may be richly rewarded, in knowledge or in possessions. But have a care if and when you decide to venture South, and be of clear mind.

The Hag of Bleakwood

There are many dark creatures in the regions of Mirthwood, but even they have their story. Encounters by many townsfolk have moved the Hag's existence from legend, to reluctantly acknowledged truth. Search for the Dark Barrow in Bleakwood...

A Larger Story

While Mirthwood is not a linear game, there is a deep story to be uncovered. Lore is imbued into every character, every enemy, and every item in the world. Pick up books where you see them, and check the in-game codex for all the lore you desire.

Lost In Bleakwoodfrom the Mirthwood Original Soundtrack


Mirthwood lets you to play your way. Are you all about your farm and town life? Or are you itching for fantasy quests, memorable stories, and adventures? How about both? We give you complete control of your character, from character creation to every decision you make into the late-game. And yes, by all means, get married and have kids! They might even become heirs and playable characters...if you so choose.

Role Play, Your Way

Mirthwood features a light RPG system. You'll be able to upgrade your character and specialize in areas of interest. What truly makes the role playing special, is the stories you encounter & help shape. May every play-through be memorable!

The Legacy System

A particularly unique feature of Mirthwood is the legacy mode. In this mode, characters of all types will grow old, pass away, and be replaced. This includes your character! If you choose to have children, you can play as them and carry on!

Who Will You Be?

We've reached the end of our introductory journey. Are you yet imagining who you might be? What mantle will you take up? That of a humble farmer? Or a great ranger in the wild? Maybe you will build and Inn and become an innkeeper. Choose wisely!

The Traveler from the Mirthwood Original Soundtrack

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